Thursday, 3 December 2015

Wandering Misfit: Part 11 ... a strangely prophetic conversation

     So Darcy was pretty cool but the training definitely wasn't. I know that my experience at this point was pretty limited but I really wanted to get into the nitty-gritty. What I faced instead were two full weeks of being talked at and watching other people teach.

     If you have never had to sit through 90 minutes of watching someone else teach five year olds to say colour words in English then yo just can't understand how unbelievably boring it can be. Honestly staring at a wall for an hour and a half is probably a better option. Trying to keep still and quiet makes it even worse because every little move causes a dozen heads to turn and stare at you breaking the flow of the class.

     During these two weeks I went with Tony to various apartments and shopped for bedding and all the other little necessities of life. I really don't remember most of that time, to be honest it is all a kind of blur. One little thing I do remember vividly though, isn't it odd how little bits stick in your mind, is one of the times I went out shopping with Tony.

     Wandering through a loud, crowded shopping area called DongDu, with music blaring so loud from some shops the speakers were crackling, Tony suddenly turns to me and asks me "Rory, are you married?". Not really knowing where this was going I shrugged and said no. "How old are you?" was the next question. 25 I answered, still mystified. "You should think about getting married", he said. Being a little shocked I just kept walking. "You know Chinese girls are good, they are good cooks and are good wives", Tony continued.

     At the time I was pretty pissed with him not only for messing around in my personal life but also for the way he talked about Chinese girls. Turns out though I did end up marrying a Chinese woman, so despite the sexist remark he turned out to be right in the long run...

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